High-quality screen protectors

You paid a penny or two (probably three) for your Canon 5D Mark III, Nikon D800, Sony A7R II or Olympus OM-D. So how would you feel if you scratched the screen just a few weeks ?

I know, I know. Some things just shouldn’t be talked about in polite society. They’re too horrific to contemplate. But that’s why we exist. At Expert Shield, we looked closely at the screen protector market. Then we recoiled in horror.

The options seemed to be cheap screen protectors that doubled as clingfilm or expensive screen protectors affordable only by those listed on Forbes. There had to be another way.

Trust Expert Shield

How about mid-market screen protectors that actually work? Screen protectors for that iPhone 4S. For that iPad. Or even for that Canon EOS 5D digital camera.

Let’s face it, a screen protector is pretty much a must-have. You wouldn’t buy a brand-new Lexus and then leave it unattended outside the local daycare centre for young offenders. You would? Might I suggest this 13-year-old VW Lupo instead?

Invest in an Expert Shield screen protector and you’ll benefit from our ‘fit and forget’ philosophy. Let’s be honest, it’s a busy life. You need to squeeze in a day’s work, family, socialising and checking out dancing chihuahuas on YouTube. Fiddling about with cheap screen protectors every week can’t easily be shoehorned in.

Custom-fit Japanese technology

We use Japanese Optical Grade CrystalFilm™ technology that comes in three scratch-repelling layers and offers a custom fit that’s as precise as cosmic molecular geometry. Which we made up, admittedly.

But here’s why you should be telling your Aunty Mabel about us. We offer a lifetime guarantee. Whose life? The life of your phone, camera or tablet. If you scratch your screen protector, send it back. If you scuff it, send it back. If it’s rude to its elders, cut off its pocket money and send it back. That’s a no small print, no-scratch, no-bubble, no-quibble guarantee.

No kidding.